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Startup Weekend

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To quote the web site:

Startup Weekend is an idea, an experiment, a chance to get together and create something beautiful over one jam packed weekend.

Ideas were submitted for possible web apps. At the start of the weekend, the attendees filtered those ideas down to one: VoSnap, a mobile app for group polling and decision making.

And then they all started buiding it. Not just the web app, but a whole company. They had the lawyers there and everything. Each attendee gets an equal share in the company.

Pretty inspiring. It must be an amazing experience. I know I would love to have that on my resume.

“I can work with 70 strangers and take a brand new product to completion in an insanely short period of time.”

I’ve been sitting here all day with the live stream open in the background listening in and watching every so often. I’ve heard some funny quotes… “Wait, wait. Are we really incorporated?”  “Yeah.”  “… when did we do that?”

They’re supposed to launch at midnight. Here’s to hoping group speed developing works out.